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Starting August 1, 2014, CCSI will offer programs through Health Insurance Exchange.

For enrollment immediately, please contact us at 919-228-6474 or

CCSI and UnitedHealthcare StudentResources is offering an affordable statewide Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan for community college students and their families in North Carolina. For just $175.17 a month, you can benefit from the UnitedHealthcare PPO network, regular physician office visits and the Annual Wellness Program.

* This is an Annual plan with semester enrollment  option.


CCSI is bringing an affordable statewide Dental Preventive Program to community college students and their families. Partnered with Humana, CCSI offers a dental plan for you: for just $18.99/month for one member or $70.71/month for the whole family you can enjoy 100% coverage for preventive dental care with no waiting period.

Worried about the cost of contact lenses or frames? – CCSI wants to help! For $16.74/month** for one member or $50.74/month for the whole family, you can benefit from HumanaOne vision care plan – benefits include contact lenses, frames, preventive care and routine annual examinations.

** This is an Anuual plan with monthly payment option

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