Student Community College Privacy Policy
Privacy and Date Protection

CCSI offers you the convenience of making online payment with a credit card. We take the security of your credit card information very seriously. All information from financial transactions made on CCSI is stored and served from a secure server. This means that each page you view on our web site and any financial information you submit is encrypted on its way between your computer and ours. Even in the highly unlikely event that your transmission is intercepted, the data will not be usable by a third party. Your credit card information is used only for your intended purpose — be it a health insurance premium payment — and nothing else. However, please be advised that CCSI has no control over the privacy statements of sites that are linked to ours. For all online financial transactions you make through organizations that link to our site, be sure to review those organizations' privacy policies. If you have any questions regarding how the organizations use your personal information, please contact them directly.

Your Right and How to Contact Us
You may have the right under the Consumer Protection Act on payment of a fee to request access to personal information about you held by us and to have it corrected where appropriate. If you have that right and you wish to access, correct or delete any of your personal data held by us, or if you have any questions concerning our Data Protection and Privacy Statement please contact the relevant CCSI representative. You may also have the right to access details held by credit reference agencies and CCSI will supply details of the relevant agencies upon request. For the United States of America please write to: CCSI, 1000 Centre Greenway, Suite 200, and Cary, North Carolina, 27513. Fax 919-469-0303 or email: