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Medical Program Eligibility
1. All registered community college students taking 3 or more credit hours in the semester and their dependents are eligible to participate in the plans on a voluntary basis.

2. A student becomes ineligible for coverage when:
  • The student's credit hours drop below 3 in a semester
  • The student leaves school (except for excused military Leave)
  • The premium is not paid by the coverage effective date

  • 3. Eligible dependents are defined as spouse and unmarried children und 26 years of age who are not self-supporting.

    Dental & Vision Program Eligibility
    HumanaOne Dental Preventive Plus & Vision Care Plan is an annual plan open for all community college students, college employees, and their families. There is no credit hour requirement to participate in the HumanaOne Dental Plan. HumanaOne is responsible for enrollment, collecting premium payment and benefits administration.
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